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    About me

    Edhoe Photowork: Surely you all the bloggers to wonder exactly who edhoe photowork here I will explain a little about the Edhoe Photowork only personal blog which is managed by a single administrator is Edho Kurnia and I apply that name to title this blog and I happened to be involved in the world of photography but still advised newbie photographer and blogger.

             I created this blog is not without purpose but I have a mission and vision that I want to achieve is to establish relationships and build new container for the poll between Photographers in jakarta especially bloggers and wherever you are.


            I look forward to the polls between photographer and blogger we can build the best quality in both.

            I am currently working on one of the photography studio in jakarta jakarta me there in addition to working as an employee in image design or photographers I've still got a chance for my hobby in photography.

            I still could Freelance Photo and here my got a lot of experience about photography, but honestly I not yet maximal and I kept to learn continue to and continue doing his paintings for the world photography and blogging.

    Looks like that's about me still newbie Photos & Blog .. Friends who like to share their knowledge please comment on my blog and we can exchange links. because science does not belong to man I believe that knowledge belongs to the world and everyone has a right to get it .. hopefully what you tell a good charity .. and beneficial to all my friends ..
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